This is a space for seeing beyond the surface.

What makes us similar, what makes us unique, and what is intrinsic to being present in our daily lives?

The sankalpa or intention in sharing these snippets of life from real life yogis is to inspire and uplift. By delving beyond differences in personal choices, social backgrounds, cultures, labels, and all the limitations of categories….we can reveal the threads that connect us all in our experience as human beings.

Once a week, we will share new reflections from yogis traveling all walks of life.

Make a cuppa. Get comfortable. Enjoy. Explore.

And take courage in being more yourself each day.

x  Lucy Lawes



real life yogis currently spotlights yogis & yoga teachers from all walks of life, starting with the city of Melbourne.

Whether or not you are based in Melbourne, if you wish to nominate someone to feature (including yourself!) I’d love to hear from you.


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