Sian Pascale :: Morning rituals, mystical connections, and authenticity

I suppose I am a bit of a purist like that – I really feel that you need to be living clean and constantly doing things that raise your own vibration, in order to hold the space and be a clear channel for what it is you are teaching. 

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What is something you do every morning, and why?

My morning rituals are a little ridiculous. I don’t really rise early, so I have completely changed my work schedule so that my mornings are all for me.

First thing, I tongue scrape, oil pull, dry brush and then do a sesame oil abhyanga massage before my shower. Then I do my morning beauty regime (courtesy of Zoe Foster #lifechanging #beautyqueen) and then I am ready for my morning practice!

My opening rituals: candles, incense and chanting, followed by asana, pranayama and meditation. Then I cook an extravagant breakfast. This means I pretty much don’t get productive til about 11am.

What does ‘flow’ mean or feel like to you? When was the last time you felt ‘in flow’?

When what I am doing is effortless, when coincidences happen daily, when I feel grateful and happy, when great opportunities come my way, then I know I am in my flow!

On the weekend I went to a record fair and started to talk to one of the stall holders about his Jazz collection. We started talking about Alice Coltrane’s music – I learned she is part of this Mystical Jazz movement, and I told him anything which has the word mystical in it, I will probably like. He asked me why and I said because I am a yogi. He asked me what lineage – I said Tantra and [shared that] I am doing a course on the goddesses. He just stared at me. Then he told me he translates ancient Tibetan Tantric texts at Monash University and has just finished a text on the goddesses.

We just met today for green tea from Kyoto and he gave me a bunch of books on tantric goddesses! Even though there is an age gap of 40 years I think I have just met my new best friend.

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Share with us two other activities you explore just for fun:

I love dancing! I don’t get to do it enough (unless dancing in my bedroom counts).

I also love swimming and being in water- baths, floatation tanks, whatever… I am obsessed! It’s such a great healer… I used to be a lap person [in the pool] but now I just love mucking about like when I was a kid. I still do somersaults and handstands!

If you can only preserve one memory from your childhood, what might this be?

I spent 6 weeks travelling Ireland with my Dad when I was 10. This was such a precious time for me. My Dad died 8 years ago and having memories like this makes me so grateful I had such a wonderful, present, affectionate, loving father in my life.

What is your favourite sound, smell, or sight to wake up to / fall asleep to?

The person I am in love with of course.

What are three attributes you value most in another person?

Honesty, a great sense of humour and depth.

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What’s something you would say to your 20-year-old self?

I actually think about this question a lot! And I remind myself to think about it now when I get too intense about life.

I would say “Sian, please try and stress a little less, don’t work so hard and have some more fun.”

How has your practice of yoga, on and off the mat, influenced your relationships with others?

I feel like I now attract and spend time mostly with people who are in some way living consciously, who understand their own minds and behaviours and who are walking a spiritual path. Haha I live in a bit of a bubble of beautiful, loving, incredible people (I love my tribe!!!)

Occasionally I have a run in with someone who is not very aware and I forget that people’s reactions can be very intense- i.e.  egoic, angry, incredibly anxious. When this happens I am grateful to be able to have the ability now to observe these situations without always jumping into them.

Where is your favourite spot in your home, and why?

My bed! I just got a new and amazing bed topper and my sleep has been so heavenly…it has been a bit of a life changer 😉

What does it mean to be a real life yogi? 

To live what you are teaching in a way that is completely authentic to you.

I waited to become a yoga teacher for over 12 years… It wasn’t until I actually felt that I was ready to become a real life yogi, to embrace the teachings in a wholehearted way!

Before my teacher training I was very attached to my life as a designer- parties, going out, drinking […]  I was really into clothes and the luxury lifestyle, and in my 20s, there was a part of me that wasn’t ready to give it all up. So when I finally did my training at 31 I felt ready to jump into being a real life yogi.

I suppose I am a bit of a purist like that – I really feel that you need to be living clean and constantly doing things that raise your own vibration, in order to hold the space and be a clear channel for what it is you are teaching.



Sian has always been connected to the spiritual and the esoteric, even as a child. However, her yogic practises began at 16 when she started meditating daily in order to combat her debilitating migraines. The shifts in her body were profound (she stopped getting migraines). More importantly gave her insight into the movement of energy in her body and an understanding of the spiritual experiences she, and all of the other women in her family, had. By 19 she was practising yoga daily and had taken on an ayurvedic lifestyle. These daily habits supported her through 7 years architecture school, living in Europe and her career as an architect and designer.

In 2012 she decided to move to India to work as a designer and during this time also committed to training with and teaching for her yoga teacher Vandana Yadav, beginning a traditional guru-student relationship which lasted for 2 years. In 2014 Sian then completed her YTT200hour ashtanga vinyasa teacher training in Goa and her life as a full yoga and meditation teacher began.

Since then she has trained in yin yoga, pranayama, chanting and yogic philosophy, and she continues her own practises in Tantra, meditation, the divine feminine and energetic breath work. Based in Melbourne she teaches workshops, courses and retreats in Australia, Bali and India.


instagram: @sianpascale

facebook: The Light Collective by Sian Pascale 

website :


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