Meg James :: Conscious presence, spaciousness, and long hot baths

During times of chaos I like to remind myself that ‘space’ is something I have access to at all times, it just takes a little conscious effort to make it come about.

What is your personal definition of ‘success’?

For me, success means living from a place of lightness, presence, authenticity and unconditional love.

Share with us an act of kindness you experienced in the past week. How did this influence you?

My partner left a little post-it note on the toaster for me this morning. All it said was “I love you”.

What is your favourite sound, smell, or sight to wake up to / fall asleep to?

I love waking up to the birds singing outside my window at dawn. It’s so peaceful and calming.

What’s something that rejuvenates you even when things are tough?

A cup of English breakfast tea and a piece of dark chocolate generally seem to do the trick!

1609_Meg James_low res_015

We all meet moments or even days where things feel way out of our control. How do you respond to this? What techniques or habits have helped you recently?

During times of chaos I like to remind myself that ‘space’ is something I have access to at all times, it just takes a little conscious effort to make it come about. In these times, I like to reduce all external stimulation; I turn the radio off while driving, avoid looking at my phone while walking the dog or waiting in line, and spend less time engaging in mindless activities such as watching TV or scrolling through social media.

What are three attributes you value most in another person?

Honesty, authenticity, compassion.

How has your practice of yoga evolved since you began?

I used to be the girl who started the day at the 6am Vinyasa Flow yoga class. Who went for runs at lunch time and did strength training after work. I used to thrash my body, always pushing myself to be better, stronger, faster. And let me tell you… It was exhausting!

About 18 months ago I stopped being at war with myself and embraced my innate preference for gentle exercise; opting for slow Hatha classes and restorative yoga instead. It’s been amazing to see how much of a difference this change has made to my relationship with myself. Nowadays I nurture my body, rather than punishing it. I’m happier, more energized and have even lost weight. Go figure!

What is your favourite way to chill out right now?

I’m obsessed with taking long hot baths, filled with Epsom salts and lavender oil. It’s soooo relaxing and rejuvenating. Meditating afterwards serves as the icing on the cake too.

What are you reading right now?

I love to read, so I’ve got a few books on the go. I’m reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, Waking Up by Sam Harris and a novel called A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

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What does it mean to be a real life yogi? 

To me, being a real-life yogi is to live from a state of consciousness. Stepping out of the comfort of operating on ‘autopilot’ mode and instead choosing to find presence in each moment.



Meg was first introduced to meditation at the tender age of four years old by her mother who was an early adopter. She returned to the practice in her teens to quell her anxious tendencies, and has continued to meditate regularly ever since. In 2014, Meg took the leap from the advertising world into teaching, completing an Advanced Diploma of Yoga and Meditation Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy. 

Meg’s meditation classes focus on using mindfulness techniques to connect students with the innate sense of calm within and cultivate a deeper sense of patience, acceptance and self-compassion. She challenges her students to overcome the perceived barriers of meditation and provides them with the skills to adopt a regular practice into everyday life. 

She teaches weekly meditation classes at some of Melbourne’s most highly regarded wellness studios, in addition to facilitating regular courses, retreats and corporate workshops. 



mindfulness with Meg:


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